5 Household Kitchen Items You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle in Vermont

When you think of Vermont metal recycling, your first thought might be of piles of construction materials or junk cars. But there are plenty of items in your kitchen right now that you probably didn’t know you could get paid to recycle!

1. Pots and Pans


Some people donate their used cookware to charity, but what do you do when it’s no longer useable by anyone? Many curbside recycling programs won’t take nonstick pans because they aren’t able to deal with removing the polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, that coats them. However, most scrap yards are happy to accept old metal pots and pans in any condition. Most often these will be classified as light aluminum.

2. Refrigerators


Fridges can seem like a difficult thing to recycle, and many people simply pay a junk service to haul them away when they stop working. But recycling a refrigerator is easy when you bring it to a scrap yard—in fact, recycling large appliance sis mandatory in most states, so why let someone else get the money for your junk? A scrap yard will drain the harmful fluid for you (usually for a small fee), and you don’t need to do anything else to prepare your fridge for recycling.



3. Flatware


If it’s time to get rid of your old, unused flatware, consider bringing it to a scrapyard. Most of what we call “silverware” is actually made of stainless steel or other metals and is usually highly recyclable. Just be careful that what you think is junk isn’t actually real silver!





4. Cooking Utensils


Recycling cooking utensils is the same as recycling flatware—many of them are made of stainless steel and are very easy to recycle. Consider recycling your old metal bowls, spoons, ladles, colanders and more.





5. Kitchen Sink


Yep, that’s right—even your kitchen sink can be recycled, along with any metal plumbing that goes along with it. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, consider bringing your old stainless steel or galvanized steel sink to a scrap yard.

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