Site Cleanup

Aluminum is a non-magnetic metal. The most common aluminum material is roofing, siding, and other building materials. See below for current aluminum pricing and frequently asked questions about aluminum recycling.

Bolduc Site Cleanup Services Meet the Demands of…

Dirty Aluminum
Factory & Warehouse Renovation
Tackle your large-scale factory or warehouse cleanup or remodel by augmenting your construction staff with our expert site cleanup team. Streamline the efficiency of your jobsite with mobile shearing and container services.
Dirty Aluminum
Farm Updates
Major farm projects require the right disposal of materials. With our site cleanup services, Bolduc comes to you.
Fire Recovery
We are available for materials recovery and demolition after fires in both residential and commercial buildings.

Why Bolduc?

  • Your own crew receives the benefit of our metal recycling expertise. We assist with preparing, sorting, and cutting materials to maximize your profit.
  • There’s no need for your crew to spend valuable time on cleanup.
  • You are free to focus on the job at hand while we coordinate trucking services for you. Our trucking liaison provides a fast, efficient way to remove processed or unprocessed metal from your project site.
  • You get paid to recycle the material removed from your jobsite!

References are available. Bolduc can perform a full site walkthrough for project assessment, estimates, and bids if necessary.