Copper Recycling

Check below for the latest scrap copper recycling prices.

Copper Recycling Prices

*Prices subject to change due to market fluctuations.

copper recycling_bare bright copper

Bare Bright Copper

Shiny Copper Colored Wire

                             $3.24/ LB.

copper recycling_copper #1

Copper #1

Copper colored pipe with no solder, paint, tarnish

$3.06/ LB.

copper recycling_copper#2

Copper #2

Copper pipe with solder, paint, tarnish, or brass

$2.84/ LB.


Sheet Copper

Sheets of pure copper

$2.60/ LB.

copper recycling_sheet copper

Lead Coated Copper

Sheet copper with lead coating

$1.95 / LB.


50% Wire

Coated wire with 50% copper

$1.25 / LB.

copper recycling_65% copper

65% Wire

Coated wire with 65% copper

$1.75/ LB.

copper recycling

80% Wire

Coated wire with 80% copper

$2.17 / LB.  

copper recycling_90 percent copper

90% #1 Wire

Coated wire with 90% copper

$2.45/ LB.


90% #2 Wire

Coated wire with 90% copper & tin coating

$1.94 / LB.

copper recycling_90 percent copper

Copper/ Aluminum Radiation


$1.25/ LB.


Dirty Copper/ Aluminum Radiation


$.94 / LB.

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