Miscellaneous Recycling

If it’s metal, chances are that we’ll take it! If you don’t see your material listed on any of our pricing pages or you have questions about what we do and do not accept, please contact us. Not sure how to prepare your material for recycling? Once you identify it, use our pricing guides to sort for maximum revenue in minimal time. Please note that we DO NOT ACCEPT HAZARDOUS MATERIAL. To see a list of every unacceptable item, click here.

Miscellaneous Prices

*Prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations.

Still have Freon in your appliance? Let us know so we can handle it properly! We may still pay you, but will deduct a service charge equivalent to what the vendor charges us to properly evacuate and dispose of the Freon.
Dirty Aluminum
Appliances With Freon
$0.0 / LB.
Service charge to drain
Dirty Aluminum
Appliances Without Freon
$0.06 / LB.
Freon removed prior to arrival
$0.13 / LB.

Ballast removed from light fixtures. Must be non PCB and non Ni-Cad

Electric Motors Mixed
$0.24 / LB.

Large and Small Electric Motors, no extra metal or plastic. 

Propane Tanks
$0.06 / LB.
Empty & valves removed
Oil Tanks / 55 Gallon Drums
$0.06 / LB.

All tanks must be open, dry & cleaned out.

Catalytic Converters

Must have ID and VIN # from vehicle that it was removed from. Priced per unit. 

Computer Green Boards
$0.10 / LB.

Green boards from computers and electronics. No computers, just printed circuit boards

Tungsten Carbide
Sealed Units
$0.18 / LB.

Sealed compressor units from AC units and refrigerators.

$0.39 / LB.

Alternators from cars and trucks.

AC Compressors
$0.24 / LB.

AC compressors from cars and trucks.

$0.32 / LB.

Starters from cars and trucks.

Copper Transformers
$0.35 / LB.

Small, medium, and large Copper transformers. Non sealed and Non PCB

Low Grade Electric Motor/ Copper Bearing
$0.12 / LB

Power tools, well pumps, AC adapters. Items with a small percentage of Copper.