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A Day in the Life of Bolduc Metal Recycling

We are open year round accepting your scrap metal. Here a birds eye view that demonstrates the skill of our employees and the road to end of life for the scrap material our customers provide. Contact us if you want to know more about our roll of services or have questions about what types of material we accept for recycling.

Timing is Everything in Scrap Pricing

Part of any successful business is managing inventory and responding to markets. Our ability to do so means a better payout for our customers. Our website pricing pages are updated to reflect market changes. Here our crew loads trucks in tandem to help move material quickly taking advantage of an uptick in markets.

Getting The Most For Your Scrap Metal

In these challenging scrap markets it is helpful to know the following information. If you have an old car, a household appliance, old plumbing pipes or wiring, or even a legacy scrap metal pile that you want to be removed, you can sell it to a nearby scrap yard for recycling. This way, you will not only be able to properly get rid of your waste but may also earn

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How Is Auto Recycling Different From Auto Salvage?

There is a significant difference between auto recycling and auto salvage. It lies in the meaning of these words. Auto recycling is all about dismantling vehicles for smelting and re use of the metal in another product. On the other hand some cars are “salvaged” where people can purchase used parts or insurance companies sell certain cars to salvage yards or rebuilders. They do so when a vehicle has been

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