We Rent Secure Storage Containers

by | July 29, 2019

There are many benefits of renting a Connex box, more commonly known as a C Container. Find out why one might be the right choice for your storage needs. First and foremost, safe and protected storage is much more important than you think. Whether it is a new home construction project you are starting, a move you are planning, or just making room to park in your garage, complete protection of your valuables ensures peace of mind. On the job site, storage containers not only keep your tools and supplies safe, they are also handy for storing and protecting materials. Whether construction materials arrive before the site is ready for them, space is limited, or your business demand is seasonal with fluctuations in inventory you may have the need for a storage container.

Easy Access to Extra Space

Storage containers give you immediate access to all your equipment, materials, or personal belongings on site. Because the containers can be placed anywhere, you will save time when accessing something you need. If you require a shed for your tools, gardening equipment, antique car or any other supplies, you can get a storage container. This proves to be a convenient, quick, and eco-friendly way to get extra space for storage.

Weatherproof and Secure

C containers prevent rain and wind from ruining your machinery, materials, or valuables. Wind and watertight containers with thick door seals keep your belongings clean and dry and ensure dust and pests stay out. Our 8 vent steel containers are a structurally sound, clean, like new storage options. You can also customize your container with padlocks to securely put away the tools, equipment, and materials at the end of the day. During demolition and construction, high value scrap metal can be kept out of sight and secure until it can be used or recycled.


Depending on the purpose and location of a container, you can decide on the preferable size for your project. Choose a 40’ container for storing larger quantities or multiple 20’ containers for different areas of your job site. With the economical prices, it is also possible to rent a container for each section of your project site. You choose which way you want the doors to face and some units have doors on both ends. There is no long-term contract so as soon as you’re done with the container, it will be picked up for you. That means if you rent multiple containers they can be removed as they are emptied, and you only pay for the time needed.


Storage containers are portable and can be brought to your job site quickly. The containers are foundation free and delivery and removal is simple and quick. All you do is tell us the location and direction the doors should be facing. Our drivers will communicate with you prior to delivery and have lots of experience setting containers so you have nothing to worry about! We provide clean, dry and secure storage to our customers, usually within 24 hours.

No Fuss

Your next move or building project gets much simpler when you rent a storage container. A delivery charge, a prepaid pull charge, and the first months rent are payable when the container is set. After that a monthly invoice is sent. There is no long-term contract and no hidden fees. As soon as you’re done with the container, it will be picked up for you. Convenient monthly invoicing via email or post and automatic credit card payments are optional or you can send us a check each month.

Storage Doesn’t Have To Be Another Great Expense

Storage doesn’t have to be a long-term investment. That begs the question: Why buy storage containers? Renting a storage container is an affordable and practical choice for many homeowners, business owners, and contractors. After all, people like paying for precisely what they need, for how long they need. However in some cases purchasing a container is the best option. Bolduc’s offers both options and can help you decide.

Why Rent With Bolduc?

You can have access to storage containers where and when you need, for whatever you need, and for how long you need. Rent sealed, lockable storage containers to fit any of your needs. We are a local company, boasting excellent customer service and one-on-one interaction. Today, while so many businesses have been bought out by national chains, Bolduc allows our customers to be able to talk to the owner for developing the right storage plan.

Make Bolduc Metal Recycling and Storage your first call for C Containers- Anywhere, Anytime, For Any Use. Contact us to learn about our range of containers or to place a custom order for rental or purchase.