Vehicle Recycling


We accept cars in any condition, with or without their fluids. If the car still has fluids, they will be properly drained and reclaimed, reused, or disposed of by a certified company. Learn more about auto and vehicle recycling here.

Titles Needed For All Vehicles Less Than 15 Years Old. See our home page for a link to a bill of sale if over 15 years old

Call for prior approval on any Electric Vehicles. We do not accept lithium-ion batteries.

Vehicle Prices Per Net Ton (2000 lbs)

*Prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations.

Dirty Aluminum

all cars

Dirty Aluminum
Cast Car Motors

With oil pans (lite iron)

Cast Car Motors
Without pans (1# steel)
Equipment Farm Or Construction
$110 - $140

Depends on steel content and tires

Tractor Trailers, Dump Trucks, & Load Trailers
$110 - $140

Less 150 lbs per tire, Depends on steel content

Brake Drums and Rotors

clean no bolts no pads sorted separately

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you determine if I am bringing you a car or lite iron? If the VIN number is still visible and the majority of the vehicle is intact, it will be treated as a car.
  • Why do you need the VIN number? As required by law, all VIN numbers are entered into a national database as recycled and crushed.
  • I lost my title and my car is less than 15 years old. Can you still take it? No. By law, for any vehicle less than 15 years old you will need to present a free and clear title. A duplicate title can be issued at the DMV.
  • I have some other scrap metal to recycle. Can I fill my car up with other scrap? Yes. However, unless you weigh it up separately, it will be paid at the car price regardless of the material. We do require that no propane tanks, garbage, extra tires, or hazardous materials are loaded into the car.