Wire and Cable Recycling

wire and cable recycling

Bolduc’s experience in wire and cable recycling is unmatched in Vermont. We are a high-volume buyer with the ability to process both small and large quantities of wire. If your question about wire recycling is not answered below, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you. See below for current prices and frequently asked questions. The list prices below apply to the general public. Contact us for our contractor pricing or help in sorting your material to get the best possible price. 

Wire and Cable Recycling Prices

*Prices subject to change due to market fluctuations.

Determine the content of wire versus plastic in your material by cutting a cross-section and comparing it to the information below. The percentages of copper in the wire are what the name implies, and the plastic waste is the other percentage. We appraise most wire and cables as needed in order to get you the best possible price for your material on a given day.



aluminum conductor steel reinforced wire

$0.25 / LB.


BX Coated Aluminum wire

$1.17/ LB. 



Shop Wire

Shop wire 14, 16, 18 gauge wire

$.93 / LB. 


Ambeductor Wire

2 copper & 1 steel strand

$1.00 / LB

Bushings Brass

Computer Wire

Wire only – no computers

$0.43 / LB.


EC Wire

Clean aluminum wire

$0.61 / LB.

Brass Shavings

Figure 8 Wire

Telephone wire with steel guide wire

$0.24/ LB.

Pipe Brass

High Voltage Wire



Dirty Brass

Lead Coated Wire

Copper wire with lead jacket


Dirty Brass

URD Cable

High voltage cable

$0.15 / LB.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it worth it to strip the plastic coating off?
    It depends. Although you will get more per pound, you will ultimately have less weight. By shipping the wire as is, you can ensure that the plastic waste is properly disposed of.
  • My wire is in a tangled mess and not separated. Will you still take it?
    Yes, but you will be paid at the lesser material weight. It doesn’t have to be reeled or rolled, but you’ll get the best price for separating
  • I am a contractor, electrician, plumber. Does that mean anything?
    Yes, if you are a high volume user talk to us about how that affects your price or if a roll-off container would better suit your needs.
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