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Is Scrap Metal Recycling in Vermont Worth It?

Scrap metal prices have dropped significantly over the past few years, causing many people to question the importance of recycling these materials. Unfortunately, some have even stopped recycling their scrap metal entirely.When you look at the facts behind scrap metal recycling, however, you’ll see that it is still worth the small effort…no matter what the current price!Recycling: A Mandatory Activity in VermontWhile scrap metal recycling is a smart decision for

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5 Household Kitchen Items You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle in Vermont

When you think of Vermont metal recycling, your first thought might be of piles of construction materials or junk cars. But there are plenty of items in your kitchen right now that you probably didn’t know you could get paid to recycle! 1. Pots and Pans Some people donate their used cookware to charity, but what do you do when it’s no longer useable by anyone? Many curbside recycling programs

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