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Our History

Lionel and Esther Bolduc Opened Bolduc Auto Salvage in 1976, converting a non-working farm to an auto salvage and “junk yard.” If it was metal and you wanted to get rid of it, the locals would tell you “take it to Bolduc’s!” Lionel, or Leno as he was called by family and friends, was your traditional Vermonter; hardworking, honest, and always willing to help a friend. Esther ran the front office, finding time to chat with customers, offer homemade treats, and raise a family.

Jamie would often be seen driving the red cherry picker truck to and from school to pick up junk cars or scrap metal on his way home. For many years, he worked beside his dad in the yard. For a short time Jamie left the family business to explore other career options and accumulated experience and business knowledge in the local area. Jamie returned to Bolduc Auto Salvage and began taking action to help the business grow to meet a changing market.

Jamie managed the business after his dad died in 1996, developing the idea for a container service they had discussed. Jamie saw a market need to bring service to the customers who had metal but couldn’t bring it to Bolduc’s. Construction began on custom roll off containers for scrap metal and converting the cherry picker truck to a roll off hauler. The familiar and trustworthy Bolduc name was now seen on boxes marked METAL ONLY at local businesses who saw the benefit of having a scrap metal box on hand rather than tying up resources to dispose of it themselves or paying to have it removed. The used parts business became time consuming and no longer cost effective, so it was phased out.


In the years since he bought the business, Jamie has continued to grow it in size and market share. He has a modern fleet, knowledgeable dedicated staff, and over 100 roll-off container accounts. Environmental awareness and an increased focus on recycling have helped save metal from the landfills. In 2012, the name Bolduc Metal Recycling was registered to reflect the change of business focus. A new venture also began with the purchase of 10 storage containers for rent and a truck to move them. In response to the demand for a local container supplier our inventory now includes over 100 rental units and the ability to custom order and sell both 20’ and 40’ units.  Bolduc Metal Recycling still continues to operate as a family business, employing Leno and Esther’s grandchildren, Jamie’s wife Kim, his father-in law Bob and a dedicated, loyal work crew. Each employee brings a specialty to the business, but more often than not they are multi-tasking, operating as a family, not just as employees. Jamie still takes the time daily to contact customers himself and thank them for their business.

Our Core Values

When you ask Jamie what success means to him, his answer reflects his personal goals and family values. “I want to leave my sons a legacy that offers them the same opportunities it offered me. I hope to grow the business enough so it can support their families and remain a business with a reputation of honesty, superior customer service, extremely competitive pricing, and old fashioned work ethic. I grew up in a community where a handshake and helping your neighbor meant everything. I hope that even as the business world changes, we can still continue to operate with that core value.”

Our Community Involvement

Bolduc Metal Recycling realizes our community and our youth are our future, so we focus both advertising dollars and donations to local youth organizations and sports.

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