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We Rent Secure Storage Containers

There are many benefits of renting a Connex box, more commonly known as a C Container. Find out why one might be the right choice for your storage needs. First and foremost, safe and protected storage is much more important than you think. Whether it is a new home construction project you are starting, a move you are planning, or just making room to park in your garage, complete protection

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Why We Don’t Offer A Price for Catalytic Converters by Phone

Catalytic converters are one of the many items that can be scrapped on an average vehicle. This is because they contain some very expensive metals that never wear out, even when the converter stops functioning. If you have a catalytic converter to recycle, you can bring it to Bolduc Metal Recycling. We will not only offer you the most competitive price but will also help you with any queries that

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What Does A Vehicle Identification Number Do?

Vehicle Identification Numbers, or VIN as they are more commonly called aren’t formed by placing random numbers and alphabets adjacent to each other. VIN is a smart algorithm formulated from various set characters that individually represent the many features of your vehicle and give details about it. They tell you about the vehicle’s manufacturer, its general characteristics such as the type of car, as well as manufactory details and the

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Factors That Cause Price Fluctuation In The Scrap Market

Instability in scrap prices has become a significant concern for both scrappers and stakeholders involved in the scrap metal business. Every year, over a million tons of scrap, is recycled by recycling facilities around the world. However, with the industry flourishing, there has also been a sudden recent fall in the scrap price as well. If you are new to the scrap metal business and wondering why the prices fluctuate

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