How Is Auto Recycling Different From Auto Salvage?

There is a significant difference between auto recycling and auto salvage. It lies in the meaning of these words. Auto recycling is all about dismantling vehicles for smelting and re use of the metal in another product. On the other hand some cars are “salvaged” where people can purchase used parts or insurance companies sell certain cars to salvage yards or rebuilders. They do so when a vehicle has been in an accident or damaged by the weather and repairs cost more than the original cost or the vehicle can not pass inspection but has many usable parts. When purchasing cars for recycling the price is normally determined by the weight of the vehicle. If a vehicle is to be used for a parts car, the price may reflect the condition of the vehicle and the expected profit.

How is auto recycling different from auto salvage?

Auto Salvage for parts selling involves the preparation of cars so that the spare parts are ready to be used again. It consists of stripping down a vehicle to its bits. Certain high-value parts, such as electronic modules, engines, and the transmission are resold or modified. For insurance companies, the process of auto salvage involves selling cars which require a higher cost to repair than their value. These cars are sold to salvage yards, rebuilders, or at auctions with a salvage title. They sell these cars to people who are ready to buy them at a much lower cost, hoping they can repair and resell them or make enough off parts to recoup their costs. Auto Salvage has many benefits attached to it. A notable benefits of auto salvage includes the collection of reusable parts and vehicles sold at below the cost of new ones.

The value of the car decreases after it is declared salvage and some cars may be faulty, damage, or present a safety risk, the primary reason for the vehicle to be reported as salvage to begin with. Auto salvage has a significant benefit attached to it where car rebuilders get a car to work upon at little cost.and can potentially resell the vehicle at a profit. Many vehicle owners benefit from auto salvage by purchasing replacement parts at a much lower price than new ones. Often, used parts are substituted on older or high mileage vehicles that don’t necessarily have a long-life expectancy.

Auto Recycling is the collection and processing of a vehicle to be sent to a shredding operation. Vehicles purchased for recycling are either paid for by the vehicles weight over the scales or if markets are down, they can be classified as a free removal. Recycling vehicles has many benefits attached to it. The removal, collection, and proper disposal of fluids like engine oil, coolant, and brake fluids and the removal of the tires is the first step in the process. This ensures the proper disposal of these items and often includes reuse of many of the fluids and recycling of the tires. Depending on where the final recycling happens, cars are prepared by the shipper differently. Some recyclers remove various parts and ship them separately, while others ship as is once the fluids are removed. Regardless of how it is shipped to the end user, recycling vehicles and their scrap metal helps in maintaining a sustainable environment. This recycled metal can be used again for some other purposes and helps to save energy as well.

Auto recycling has a significant contribution to preserving the environment. Large chunks of scrapped metal are recycled which are further used in some other industries to make a completely new product. Use of recycled metals is a huge step as it lowers activities like mining, thus preserving the resources available to us. We should work for a sustainable environment, and auto recycling ensures a small step towards it.

Many people do not know what to do with their scrapped cars, which is why it stays in their garage or yard rusting away. Others try unsuccessfully to sell their vehicle as a parts car while others have stripped the car of all it’s parts and have a vehicle shell. Recycling is the solution to these problems. By opting for auto recycling, you can also contribute a small part in preserving the environment. Bolduc Metal Recycling is happy to provide you with this service. WE DO NOT SELL USED PARTS OR SALVAGE VEHICLES.

At Bolduc Metal Recycling, we help to protect the environment by recycling batteries, lead, aluminum, stainless steel, wires and cables, iron, radiators, and catalytic converters. If you have metal, we will be happy to take it from you. See our website for the items we accept and what we pay.

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