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Bolduc Metal Recycling Commercial


Maximize your profit from the bi-products of your business with our convenient commercial recycling services.

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Bolduc Metal Recycling Home Owners


From household scrap metal to old farm equipment, you get paid to get rid
of your junk.

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Bolduc Metal Recycling Demolition

Site Cleanup

Increase the efficiency of your jobsite with our mobile shearing, trucking coordination services and more.

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Metal Recycling Services

Bolduc metal recycling is a full service metal processing center. Our fully licensed and permitted site offers instant payment for scrap metal of all kinds. We accept and process all quantities, whether your load is a few tons or a few pounds.

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What Does A Vehicle Identification Number Do?

What Does A Vehicle Identification Number Do?

Vehicle Identification Numbers, or VIN as they are more commonly called aren’t formed by placing random numbers and alphabets adjacent to each other. VIN is a smart algorithm formulated from various set characters that individually represent the many features of your vehicle and give details about it. They tell you about the vehicle’s manufacturer, its general characteristics such as the type of car, as well as manufactory details and the options installed on the vehicle. Read More