Getting The Most For Your Scrap Metal

by | November 7, 2019

In these challenging scrap markets it is helpful to know the following information.

If you have an old car, a household appliance, old plumbing pipes or wiring, or even a legacy scrap metal pile that you want to be removed, you can sell it to a nearby scrap yard for recycling. This way, you will not only be able to properly get rid of your waste but may also earn some cash from it.

While historically there is some money in the scrap metal industry, current markets are making it challenging for those who work in the industry. Under normal markets most scrap vendors would pay you something to remove your old vehicle or scrap pile. Unfortunately, these days the price our scrap haulers get over the scales is so low, most jobs they do are free removals or depending on how labor intensive or the distance the job is, they may even have to charge you. At Bolduc Metal Recycling, we believe that transparency and honesty are the most important when it comes to making transactions. We work with clients to build relationships and aim to pay the best we can for yours or their scrap.

Here are a few tips that will help you get the most from your unwanted scrap metal!

1) Know About Your Scrap

As they say, knowledge is power. Before you make your way to the scrapyard, collect all the information you can on the different types of metals and their values. Learn about both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and which ones you have. This way, you can easily calculate the estimated price for your scrap and save yourself from getting paid less. At Bolduc’s we put the materials we handle on our website with a description and the current price we are offering, although some materials differ in price if you have a larger volume.

2) Determine The Quality Of Your Scrap

One of the simplest ways to identify your scrap metal is by using a magnet. Magnets tell you if a metal is ferrous or not, as they stick to only ferrous metals (more valuable ones like copper, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum). You don’t require a large magnet for the purpose. Any magnet of medium size will do. If you can, separate your metals before you take them to the scrap yard. Take a look at our website to determine how to improve the quality of your scrap. For example cutting the brass fitting of a piece of copper or removing the plastic coating from wire may increase its value but is not always worth it due to the amount of labor, time, or waste disposal.

3) Make Sure to Weigh Each Material Separately

Different materials have different values. Be sure your scrap yard offers the benefit of multiple weigh-ins to receive the best price for each material. At Bolduc’s you can bring in a load containing various types of metal, notify the scale operator you will off load each material separately, weigh in at the scales in between each material, and get an itemized receipt of each weight.

4) Size And Weight Is Important

The price paid for most scrap metals depends on it weight. Hence, it is undoubtedly a significant factor for scrap dealers to consider. The heavier the weight and quantity for some materials the better you will be able to negotiate and potentially the more money you will receive. An example of this is – suppose that you have brought a large load of copper to a scrap buyer, prepped to ship. Depending on how copper markets are doing and his need to fill a current load, he doesn’t want to lose that scrap to another dealer. He also recognizes the less work he will need to do prior to shipping and agrees to pay a little more.

5) Don’t Forget To Compare Prices

To make the most of your scrap, ensure that you compare the prices offered by different scrap yards in your region. Depending on various factors such as private yards’ overhead costs, location, and market reach, the prices will vary. Visit as many scrap metal yards in your city as possible. You can also use online browsers or local Yellow Pages for the task. Like most businesses there are other things to compare when shopping around. Also check the prices on ALL the materials you are scrapping. Don’t let a scrap yard lure you in with a great price on low grade material but pay you below market price on high quality scrap. Some scrap yards only deal in certain materials so it’s important to ensure your scrap yard of choice offers one stop recycling. Like most businesses, customer service, reputation, community involvement, and overall business ethics are all an important part of making your scrap yard choice.

6) Consider Unusual Items

Make sure that you are not throwing away any item that is potential scrap. For example, Christmas lights, appliances, lawn furniture and mowers, aluminum car rims (without tires), lead acid batteries, snowmobiles, metal shelving, and even the kitchen sink are all recyclable.

Tips To Remember:

  • Always separate your metals before you sell them.
  • Clean your scrap and ensure that there are no extra attachments. They will downgrade the quality and result in less money. For example separate your copper pipe from the brass fittings.
  • Pull out electric motors if you are selling any electronic items or equipment, as they can be priced separately.

Sell all your metal scraps at the best prices and the best reputation at Bolduc Metal Recycling. Our fully licensed facility offers instant payment for scrap metal of all kinds. Contact us at (802) 223-7917 or