Unacceptable Items

This is a list of items that we do not accept at Bolduc Metal Recycling.

Composition Brass

No Hazardous Materials

Call Bolduc Metal Recycling (802) 223-7917 if you have any questions


Yellow Brass

Any Containers With Fluids Must be opened, drained, cleaned


Dirty Brass


computers, printers, cell phones, TV’s: reference list www.vtecycles.org  


Pipe Brass

Furniture or RV’s or Campers



Bushings Brass




Brass Shells




Bushings Brass

Lithium-Ion Batteries

No rechargeable, power tools or toys, lithium-ion electric vehicles


Brass Shells

Nickel Cadmium Batteries



Bushings Brass


No products containing PCB’S of any type


Brass Shells

Railroad Property

No plates, spikes or tracks


Bushings Brass


They are primarily concrete


Brass Shells

Tires Not On A Vehicle

No individual tires


Bushings Brass


Bolduc Metal Recycling

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