Auto Salvage

auto salvageIs your car, truck or service vehicle beyond repair? Not worth the price for the hassle of selling it? Get paid to get rid of your junk car! Bolduc Metal Recycling’s auto salvage services accept cars in any condition. Just drive your vehicle to our yard, and we’ll take care of the rest. Can’t drive it to us? Contact us to find out how you can arrange a pickup at your home or business.

What You Need To Know About Our Auto Salvage Process:

  • Bolduc accepts cars, large trucks, equipment, and trailers. Learn more here.
  • We issue payment based on the total weight of your vehicle, which we determine on one of our state-certified scales. All prices are based per net ton. Learn more on our pricing page.
  • If your car is less than 15 years old, you will need to present the title. We can only write a check to the person under whose name the title is written, or to whoever the title has been signed over to.
  • If your car is older than 15 years old, you will need to complete a Bill of Sale that includes the vehicle’s VIN as well as present a valid form of identification. The check can only be issued to the person under whose name the Bill of Sale is written.
  • You will need to present valid identification in order to receive payment for a catalytic converter.
  • Any parts of the vehicle that you wish to be paid to you separately must be removed prior to arrival at the yard with the exception of tires. If you would like to keep your tires, our auto salvage experts can assist you with removing them.
  • If your registration is still valid, you may want to remove your license plates before we accept your vehicle.

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Sorry, we do not sell used auto parts!