Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum is a non-magnetic metal. The most common aluminum material is roofing, siding, and other building materials. See below for current aluminum pricing and frequently asked questions about aluminum recycling.

Aluminum Prices

*Prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations.

EC Wire

Bare Aluminum wire with no insulation or steel.

New 6063/Bare Extrusion

New or bare 6063 and some 6061 alloy extrusion Aluminum.

Extrusion Aluminum

Mixed Extrusion Aluminum. Painted or bare. No steel or plastic.

Aluminum Litho

Lithograph Aluminum sheet used for printing.


Used Aluminum beverage containers. No cat food cans.

Cast Aluminum

Clean casted Aluminum. Pots, pans, engine parts, w/ no steel.

Dirty Aluminum
Sheet/Mixed Aluminum

Clean Aluminum roofing, siding, auto body panels. etc..

Irony Contaminated Extrusion 3% Fe

Extrusion Aluminum with a small % of contaminants, and thermals.


Aluminum wire with a plastic coating or steel reinforcing strand.

Mixed Aluminum Trimmings/Shavings

Aluminum turnings or shavings. No Steel turnings.

Dirty Aluminum
Dirty/Irony Aluminum, Dirty Stainless

Aluminum or stainless with steel, plastic, rubber or wood.

6061 Truck Rims

Aluminum rims used on large commercial vehicles.

Aluminum Rims

Aluminum Rims from Car, Pickups, or SUV’s.

Chrome Rims

Aluminum rims with a chrome coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I tell if my material is aluminum or lite iron? Aluminum is not magnetic, so test your material with a magnet.
  • There is paint on my roofing. Does that mean I will get paid for dirty aluminum? No. Dirty refers to the content of the material, not the condition. You will get clean aluminum pricing as long as there is no metal, magnetic material, or plastic attached.
  • What do I have to do to a snow machine to get paid dirty aluminum? The cowling and the tracks must be removed. We are happy to accept the snow machine with these items still attached, but you will be paid the lite iron price.