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Although many of our team members are related to us, we like to think of every member of our team as family. From Mike who has been with us for 35 years to Cam who just graduated and moved from part-time to full-time, each employee has a specialty. Diversity of skill among the team is what makes our business operate so efficiently. Our small workforce allows us to provide personal attention to all of our customers’ needs.

image_photo_keithKeith has been with Bolduc Metal Recycling for 8 years. He handles the front of the yard with a practiced hand and specializes in wire, non-ferrous metal, and roll-off container accounts. Keith also ensures that we serve our customers as efficiently as possible as our trucking coordinator and driver.


Josh has been with us for 10 years. He’s our resident ferrous-metal specialist and welder, and the containers he builds are stronger than any we could buy. As a skillful equipment operator, Josh is capable of making speedy work of loading 25 tons of lite iron and cars into a tractor trailer. Josh also handles off-site operations.

image_photo_mikeMike is our yard prep man. He ensures that our operations run smoothly by cutting oversized items down to a manageable size for shipping, fluid recovery, evacuation and disposal, or loading trucks with steel from items he has prepped.


Tom is the young workhorse who helps out wherever he is needed. As a newer employee (he’s been with us less than 3 years), he’s still working on finding his specialty, but his enthusiasm and flexibility make him our go-to guy when we’re busy to help unload customers, perform inventory and baling, or prep in the yard.

image_photo_camCam is transitioning from working part-time during summer and school vacations to becoming our newest full-time employee. His responsibilities include driving our new flatbed truck for storage container placement and material pick-up, training for his commercial driver’s license, and providing off-site assistance.

Bob is the front office man, fielding phone calls, weighing trucks, writing checks, and keeping everyone organized. Our customers are so used to seeing him that they question the rare days he’s not here!

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